Shop Fronts

Aluminium doors, single and double glazed:

  • Single and double leaf, manual or automated
  • Automated sliding metal entrance doors

Our aluminium shop fronts provide a complete solution for your design needs. Aluminium is very durable, light weight and high strength which provides the answer for achieving even the most demanding designs and is perfect for window security shutters and roller shutters as well as home security grilles.

The frame system will accept thickness of glass from 6.4mm single glazed to 24mm double glazed, all fabricated to customer requirements, with a self-colour of powder coated finish. Frameless, 12mm toughened safety glass, shop fronts and doors can be installed with rails and patch fittings. They can be supplied with either an anodised or powder coated finish.

Automatic Doors
We all know that first impressions count. Let us assist you to make sure you can get the best out of your entrance.
TDL offer the complete package – specialising in aluminium and glass door entrances. All aspects of a project are dealt with in-house, from the initial client contact & design brief through to installation & completion of a project. The package is then completed with our team of experienced service engineers providing the aftercare your business deserves.
We take pride in our workmanship, products, maintenance services and customer relations. We have a strong customer base who continue to use our services over a decade later – the results speaking for themselves…

Sliding Doors
Sliding doors are particularly elegant in appearance and harmonises exceptionally well in to sophisticated facades.
Sliding doors are also an economical choice, due to the design of the sliding doors, the wear and tear on the door over its life time is minimal, therefore extending its life greatly.
We have many doors which we installed over 15 years ago and are still in operation today.
Our standard and emergency exit automatic sliding doors are compliant with BS EN 16005.

Swing Doors
Swing doors can be the flexible alternative.
Swing doors are available in 3 varieties, manual, low energy or fully automated.
A manually operated swing door can sometimes become too difficult to operate, using our swing door operator it easy to turn the manual door into a fully automated or low energy door.
Our standard and emergency exit automatic swing doors are compliant with BS EN 16005.

Shop fronts by Taundry Doors